Book Review #16

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Lately, this book appear many times in many social media that I’m scrolling. As it sit silently on my shelf for ages, I proceed to read it now.

To be honest, it got a lot of elements that caught me off guard while reading this novel. As much as there a lots of conflict and sadness that envelope in this, the depth meaning in this novel make me learn and understand a lot about the value of friendship, relationship, and what is family even though it exist without blood ties. For me, this is a sad, heart-wrenching novel but there is a heart warming moments.

This is how I feel about A Little Life. I’m glad that I’m reading this and learn something that make me value people that close to me.

Quote that I love from A Little Life.

“You don’t understand what I mean now, but someday you will: the only trick of friendship, I think, it to find a people better than you are-not smarter, not cooler but kinder, and more generous, and more forgiving-and then appreciate them for what they can teach, and try to listen to them when they tell you something about yourself, no matter how bad- or good – it might be, and to trust them which is the hardest thing of all. But the best as well”

Book Review #15

Toxic Cookout: Short Stories by Rob Dinsmoor

My Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A quiet strange but a great compilation of short-stories.  It got a diversity  that makes you did not feel bored while reading it. The story is short-short and very compact. There are lots of element in this from aliens, time warp,monsters and lots of unexpected things coming out.  I enjoyed reading this, a fun read indeed.

My Favourite Quote:

” The fact that I’m not willing or able to move forward make me sad, a very sadness that reminds me that wea re all very isolated, that no person can completely inhabit the mind and soul of another, that we are ultimately all of us, alone.”

-Falling I Love While Clinically Depressed-

August Wrap Up

I read a lot in August without any intention to achieve anything. Except for writing some reviews. So without further ado , this is the list of books that I manage to read in August. In total I read 7 books and this is my intake of what I read.

August Reads

🔶 We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirley Jackson.

Such a haunting short novel. About a death, a house, and sisterhood. I spend few days to understand the whole story.

🔶 The Executioner’s Heart by George Mann.

The plot and the story lines is quite fresh to me. Or maybe it just filling my steampunk fantasy. It got an element of investigations, occults, mystic and also the strong woman character that drawn me to read this more. Five star for that.

🔶 This Soul’d World : The Rise of Conciousness by William Disdale.

So far, the philosophical fiction that I read. Lots of quotable moment. The science fiction novel with a touch of spiritual element that rarely exist in sci-fi novel.

🔶 The Appeal by John Grisham.

To be honest, this is my first ever John Grisham novel and it is not become my instant favourite. The story is a page turner but at some chapter I skip and skim few pages. But why I did not DNF it? My curiosity of a storyline still rise while I am reading it. Especially when I found the key point of the story. Maybe not going to read John Grisham in nearest time.

🔶 The Vampire Maid by Hume Nisbet.

This is a classic short story from year 1908. The storyline is good and it does remind me of Dracula, till the ending come. I feel quite surprise when I read it. It does made me read this twice and yes I am enjoying it. It just the ending is quite unexpected.

🔶 Xonarye by S.H.S

A great series is about to happen. This is the first book of the series. It is quite simple and straight forward introduction to the adventure ahead. Cannot wait for the next book in a series.

🔶 Misery by Stephen King

This book is a nightmare inducing to me. It does leave a scar in my unconcious mind but I just cannot put it down. It is scary but still I want to read more. Now I know why it was on a list of Books That Actually Freaked People Out So Badly They Had To Stop Reading.

That’s all the books that I read in a month of August. I did not put any expectation of anything that I read. So the outcome is amazing and I am raedy for more reading session on September.

How I Write My Review.

Writing a book review is quite a challenge for me. It is totally different than just reading. But still, I love that challenge part, because it give me a lot of understanding of what I read.

I started reviewing books two years ago from my previous twitter page after I followed Booktaster account. They offering me an e book in exchange of an honest review in Goodreads. Starting from there I read a lot and write a review a lot. But, due to my personal problem. I stop writing review for a while and just started back earlier this year.

My thinking process while reading and doing my review is quite scattered. So I am using two reading journals. One is for chapter summary that I will write what I understand about what I read in that chapter. And the second journal is for the short insight of a whole books. So, every time I finished reading I will read my chapter summary books and writing a review based on my understanding, my thoughts and how am I feeling about the story.

I love writing my review shorts due to the fact that if I write too much I might ending up spoiling the story. And I prefer to rise other people curiousity to read the book based on my short review.

I am quite comfortable in my way of reviewing books because it help me focus on what I read. So , this is my account of how I do my book reviewing. Hope it helps, and try to find what is working for you. That is the best advice.

Book Review #14

Misery by Stephen King

My Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This book leave me exhausting. I almost want to shut this book. But I just can’t because the plot is so good.

This is a novel about an obsessed fan that do anything to keep her favourite author. It start with Paul Sheldon an author , waking up at the bed at someone’s home. In here, Anne Wilkes character is being introduced and she is giving an account of what happening to him.

She admit that she is his number one fan. And she is the collector of a novel series that Paul wrote, Misery. At first Annie look warm and such a nice person. But things getting strange as Annie behaviour become more erratic when she found out that Paul is doing other stories than Misery.

And Paul Sheldon realize the intention of Annie Wilkes nursing him at her home. Obviously not because of kindness. Obsession turned deadly.

Some of the scene is so graphic, I have to take a breather for a while before continuing reading. It being made a movie starred by Kathy Bates and James Caan at 1990. The movie is quite tone down and more straight to Paul Sheldon plan to escape. So I am quite shocked when I read all the graphic scenes in the novel.

This is a good book indeed. Especially if you not a squemish and love horror/ thriller. Or maybe you just want to find the loophole after watching the movie.

Book Review #13


Author: S.H.S

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is a very interesting book. And it is a fast paced read. The plot is straight to the point and it give you a treasure hunting series/ movie vibes.

From a discovery of a rusted box in a workplace. It turn out to be a full blown adventure to Leaf Brodie after his curiosity arose when he read the book that belong in a box he found.

Xonarye, a country that he never knew exist and he cannot find in any sources including internet. Somehow, all the things that being mentioned in the books and document he found is legit.

The ending is such a cliffhanger. But, I guess this is a great introduction to a great series. Cannot wait what is ahead for leaf, Spence and Selina. Now the stakes is high as they now being followed by someone from Reblick.

Book Review #12

The Soul’d World: The Rise of Consciousness

Author: William Disdale

My Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I received this free copy via the author for an exchange of honest review.

A mind blowing science fiction novel. The storyline is quite fresh as it is not just about science, time machine or parallel universe. It is going deep into spiritual and philosophy. How someone soul searching in a place where nothing else is important but the tranquility of a soul.

The character development especially main character Callison Trebla is surely the highlight of this. He is just a retired scientist that still living in a grief and regrets after losing his son even the tragedy strucks years ago. And in the mean time, he is working time portal project that he steal on a last day he working at Quanta Laboratories. After an event that make him leap to another time dimension, he learn that he should not dwell on the past and the existence of Mystera and Liele guiding him to be more understanding about the purpose he living, spiritually. For some reasons, I feel more of spirituality side. There are a lot of moment that is quotable and related to how chaotic of our living nowaday without much care for our spirituality development.

In the end, he is not just being reward to get back to his wife. But he also being given a chance to live in a parallel universe to get the happiness that he deserve.

This is a great read for a people who love a thoughts of deep subjects and opening our mind about the context of spirituality and philosophy.

Favourite Quote:

” Plant an intention and grow a thought, plant that thoughts and grow a feeling, plant that feeling and grow an attitude, plant that attitude and grow an action, plant that action and grow a habit, plant that habit and grow a destiny”

Book Review #11


Author: Fin C. Gray.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I received this free copy via author for an exchange of an honest review.

A crime/thriller that deeper than just a crime of terrorists. For me, the main plot here is between father and son.

The relationship is strained so bad even quite long time ago and become worst after Alison, the mother passed away. Tom, the father with his secret and being drunkard after Alison gone. And Daniel, with a trauma that he never told anyone.

But Tom trying to be the good father to Daniel by completing his needs even though Daniel always had an opposite idea of who Tom is.

The existence of Waqar in Daniel’s life changing him to believe that there is a love being offer to him. But he blinded by the facts that Waqar is just recruiting him to be a jihadist which I guess is so cruel.Gaining a trust from broken person just to turn him following the ideology.

And Tom who never got an idea of what his son become reciving a shocking new about Daniel.

The plot in this story is well written . I like how the flashback tells what makes Daniel rebels and choose the path that destroying himself. The pace in this story is fast and straights to the conflicts. And also reflecting of what may happen in reality.

A great read if you looking more than just crime/thriller or looking beyond terrorism. Four out of five from me.

Book Review #10

The Executioner’s Heart

Author: George Mann.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I am in love with this.
I am obsessed with the settings. also the characters especially Victoria Hobbes, the independent partner for Newbury. I love the strong woman characters being feature.

This books follow Maurice Newbury and Victoria Hobbes, an agent for Queen investigating the murder where the victim’s heart missing. Further investigation, the Executioner name appears and lots of twist an turn happen leading a tragedy happen to Miss Hobbes.

The style of writing giving me a vivid imagery and lots of the scene playing like a movies in my mind while reading this.

This is the fourth installment of the series. Now I get hooked with it. Maybe this is the sign that I should start the series from Book one?

Book Review #9

The Great & The Small.

Author: A.T Balsara.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I received this free copy via the author for an exchange of  honest review.

This is the story about survival and war. A war between the colony of rats with human and each other. The colony hate humans for the reason humans disgusted with their presence but at the same time using their kind as a lab experiment. The colony is fighting is each other too for what their believe about human.On Chairman’s side, human is an enemy that supposed to be exterminate.It come to an extent to bring back and old plague to infect human. But from the Resistance side, they believe that not all human is an enemy and believe human have a feelings just like them.

Fin, a young rat that lost his mom since elittle and Chairman’s nephew believe that human is an enemy. But after he met with a human kindness and warm feelings he start doubting and thinking if what he believe all this time is true.

I love seeing the development from this novel. From hatred to understanding, the blind royalty turned bad, the trust being betray, the power turn to greed and abusive even to an own kind.

The illustration that accompany this book giving me a detail of how character look like and as I am reading this, I can imagine it in a such animated way.

I enjoy this whole read. Even though it is fables/children book. But adult can read it too and learn a lot of lesson from this novel.